We are Noemon.

Noemon is an industry leader in lighting technology. We provide our clients with top quality LED lights and services that will grant instant satisfaction. Our amazing Save-and-Pay programs allow you to buy with confidence without worrying about extra costs or having to pay the full price of a retrofit all at once. We offer no-interest financing plans and work very closely with saveonenergy retrofit programs that qualify for big rebates to ensure you the best possible price. It's that simple.

Who we are.

Noemon is dedicated to the pursuit of energy efficiency and cost savings through the use of the latest LED technology. Being one of the first European companies to excel in photovoltaic solar panels, we have been a pioneer in green energy for the past ten years. Noemon is always looking for the best solutions to improve your everyday life. We began our endeavor in LED retrofits just three years ago and have experienced great potential with customers while providing excellent care and service for every individual.


When we are creating our study we spend most of our time in designing the perfect look of your area while keeping energy savings the priority. LED lights have very advanced lighting and offer great potential to make your area look elegant, our technicians are very good at picking the perfect product and warmth for your replacement lights.


We make sure we update our products to the latest talk of LED Technology, we work very close with our manufacturer and attend many technological shows to have the best LED Chip to get you the biggest savings possible from the retrofit.


We have been working with Toronto Hydro and Save On Energy very closely. Our Green Energy specialists make sure you get the biggest rebates, effortless.


Noemon is very confident with its products. Offering 5 Year full replacement. Got a irregular defective light? No problem, we will come replace the next day.

How we work.

1 Our professional technicians will be sent to your area to scout and count all of the lights that need replacing in your area. We will create a full study within a small time frame with detailed analysis of your monthly, yearly and 5 year savings with our proposed LED solution, inside will also be included the rebate amount that you can receive from the government. Noemon has a fair system on the government Rebates, if we are not able to get you the amount you deserve, we will cover the difference.

2 We will go ahead with the government rebate and set a starting date. Once the date has been set our master electricians will be sent to work on your building and finish within the time frame promised. Working in a respective time frame, Safety is number one priority. Once done we will dispose the garbage properly, providing a Fluorescent Disposal Certificate as required by the government for the Rebate, and fully recycling all of the packaging material.

3 Once the project is finished we will send our General Manager and Project Manager to through with you each light and area to make sure everything is replaced perfectly and is to your liking, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. After everything is completed you will receive the rebate from the government and you will enjoy at least 5 years of free maintenance and savings!